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Tools included for visitors to the site: Instructions on How to Do Print Transfer onto Fabric;

Paper Theory Garment Instructable

Instructions on Print Transfer

In order to transfer a laser print pattern or image onto fabric, be sure to have the following materials: fabric or some other kind of material, a laser print (included in the toolkit; can also be obtained from a local copy/printing store), Chartpak Blender Marker (included in the toolkit; can also be obtained from most art materials stores), and a metal spoon.  

After gathering these necessary items, find a hard surface in a well-ventilated area to begin the process. Complete the transfer as follows: 

1.Lay the fabric onto the hard surface with the side you wish to transfer the image onto facing upward.

2.Next, place the laser print onto the fabric with the image/pattern side facing down

3.Take the Blender Marker and color over the backside of the laser print, specifically on areas where the laser pattern is visible.

4.Immediately after (or simultaneously for better results), use the metal spoon to go over the marker. This enables the chemical solvent in the marker to set the laser print toner into the fabric.

5.Finally, remove the laser print and check to see if the pattern is visible on the fabric.