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Mission Statement of the Collective

Fashion has and continues to afford radical possibilities for thinking about embodiment and anonymity. This is especially important in our present context where the body is increasingly imagined and captured as profitable data. Our mission is to craft dynamic garments and accessories that undermine systems of surveillance and identification. We firmly believe that fashion can simultaneously be aesthetically forward and technically subversive, and that sharing tools to create and design such apparel is a vital practice in the fight for privacy.

Rather than reading our collection of wearables as nontechnical, we assert that the fabrics themselves inhere a suite of technological affordances that can be activated through the strategic inflection of their material properties and are quite effective when directed against facial detection software. Collective Obscura aims to extend threads of scholarship and practice that disrupt the gendered hierarchies within technological discourse that draw distinctions between crafting and making. Our wearables insist, as other scholars and creators have shown, that craftwork is a markedly technical practice and is a necessity in our increasingly networked society. Second, we contend that textile craftwork, in particular, remains a crucial component in our digital present, as surveillance technologies become more pervasive and sophisticated. As systems of identification change, apparel and other analog techniques will persist as adaptable mediums for the pursuit of opacity.  

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